Current Status ( UPDATED as of November 1,2020)

Be advised that our office remains closed and our phone lines have been disconnect till further notice.

This web page is subject to change and will be updated as needed.  This situation is very fluid as policies are changing constantly

by both U.S. and CANADIAN Governments, Insurance Companies, Ticketing Venues, the Artist, Sports Team, and Theatrical Venue.  

Caring for the safety and well-being of our passengers has been and always will be our most important priority, especially during challenging times like these. As the Corona Virus continues to develop, we are working diligently behind the scenes, coordinating with our tour suppliers and monitoring and assessing the overall impact it will have on our business.

While some of tours will unfortunately be canceled, some will be postponed and re-scheduled due to the ticketing component.  We are currently focused on working with each event organizers to determine how best to proceed. As you can imagine, this takes time, so we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the impact this virus has on all of us.

In order to provide you with as much information as we can, we have created this Corona Virus page and it will be updating it as changes to the status of all our tours are announced.  As of March 13th, 2020 (when the Corona Virus became a known issue)  Sun Ice Tours suspended taking any new reservations on any of our tour packages. Balance payments are not being processed on any outstanding accounts until we are cleared to travel safely. 
As soon as we are given clearance to travel we will update this page and inform you how we are proceeding.   In the event you are no longer able to travel with us we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible and we will process your cancelation accordingly.

TRAVEL POLICY UPDATED due to the Corona Virus (subject to change)


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The following policies are imposed on us by the ticketing source when we purchased tickets for you at time of making a reservation.


If Sun Ice Tours Inc. CANCELS the Bus Tour  (not the Event Organizer) due to lack of bookings (min 22) we will refund 100% of your funds within 30 days prior to departure 
                       with no further obligations on either party.

If the Event Organizer,  Performer, Ticket Supplier, Sporting League, or any other supplier forces us to cancel the tour due to death, sickness or by an Act of God or Government Intervention or any other reason that is beyond Sun Ice Tours control up to 
48 hours prior to departure or after departure:

                     1. Sun Ice Tours will attempt to recover whatever portion that is recoverable and refund that portion that is recovered to our passengers.
                   . 2  If you purchased Trip Cancellation Insurance please check with your insurance provider to determine if you can submit a claim for the full amount..   
                      NO REFUNDS will be issued for portions that can not be refunded due to the contractual obligation to our other suppliers that have been paid in advance of departure.

If the Event Organizer,  Performer, Ticket Supplier, Sporting League, or any other supplier forces us to cancel the tour due to death, sickness or by an Act of God or Government Intervention or any other reason that is beyond Sun Ice Tours control and the event is POSTPONED and or RESCHEDULED.

Here are your options:

                       1.If you purchased Trip Cancellation Insurance or Tour Package Insurance contact your insurance provider first to discuss your policy agreement.

                          Download the LETTER OF CANCELLATION form from our website, sign and send back to us.  (Found under the Insurance Tab)
                          We will then send you travel documents required to submit to your insurance provider for a claim.                          
                          Your insurance will require proof YOU canceled the tour package with us and that you have insurance to cover you. 

                       2. If you DID NOT  purchase trip cancellation insurance you can wait till they announce the new date and we will proceed on the tour with the new date

                           or you may gift or sell the package to a replacement passenger.  
                           If you have a replacement passenger please fill in the LETTER OF CANCELLATION and REPLACEMENT PASSENGER FORM.

                        If you only paid a deposit on the tour we will charge the balance payment when the tour is rescheduled.  
                        Our tours are FULLY NONREFUNDABLE and the deposit only forms part of the nonrefundable tour package.  

                        Make sure when you insure the tour that you insure the total package not just the deposit.

REFUNDS  are only issued if SUN ICE TOURS cancels a tour due to insufficient passengers.

TRAVEL VOUCHERS are only issued to passengers when a rescheduled.  Travel Vouchers can only be used specifically on the tour that was rescheduled and have an expiry date and value will become null and void. Travel vouchers are only valid for the event stated and not transferable to another tour or destination or event..

If you must Cancel a tour please DOWNLOAD and FILL IN  the LETTER OF CANCELLATION FORM  ( Located on our TRAVEL INSURANCE TAB) 

before contacting your insurance provider. Send it back to us to formally cancel your obligation to the tour and we will send you back the signed copy with further documents verifying

your cancellation.

Please understand how important YOU are as part of the group.  Bus tours (especially those with tickets) rely on your participation as a vital part of the group departure.  Without your participation, the group departure is at risk of not operating.   This is a risk ALL bus tours take in the industry, not just with Sun Ice Tours and why we have a minimum passenger requirement for all departures.  All our bus tours contain non-refundable tickets and components like hotels and bus charters that form the tour package.  If an individual chooses not to purchase trip cancellation insurance the risk now belongs to the individual to be part of the group as a whole.   

By not purchasing trip cancellation insurance you risk losing the funds you paid for the whole tour package not just the deposit. 

You are a very important integral part of the group and we require your presence to make the group tour operate.

To date these tours have been rescheduled:

The Eagles  The Hotel California Tour has been  Rescheduled  to October 1 - 4, 2021     

The Blue Jays vs Twins    has been Rescheduled to  September 23 - 27, 2021

The rest of our tours have been postponed till further notice.


We are constantly monitoring this situation as it unfolds and you will be notified as soon as we have a clear direction when we will proceed.  

Wishing you the best of health and safety during this very difficult time, and we look forward to returning to some form of normalcy as soon as we can. 

Tony and Yolanda Rinella

Sun Ice Tours Inc. 1983

Sun Ice Tours Inc (1983)

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