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How do I book a tour?

Call our office to make a booking or you can book by sending in a filled out reservation form that we can e-mail you or

download off our website.   Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card, check, or cash.  Unfortunately, our credit card system does not accept American Express at this time.

Can I book a tour through my travel agent?
Yes, contact your local travel agent. YOUR travel agent will then contact us on your behalf.  

Why do you say that you guarantee a departure with 22 passengers?   Am I not guaranteed a seat on your tours?

All bus tour companies operate on a minimum of passengers to achieve a group departure.  Unlike air lines or regular bus schedules when we charter a bus tour the cost of the motor coach is charged on 55 passengers not individual seats.   Our tour costs are then assessed based on the minimal amount of the group to achieve the group rates offered to us.   Hotels require a minimum amount of rooms occupied to give us group rates as are the tickets to certain events.  Some bus companies use 30 as a minimum to guarantee a departure.   This does offer a lower tour cost to the passenger however if they do not achieve that minimum (30 passengers ) in most cases the tour operator will cancel the tour leaving its passengers disappointed.   Our philosophy has always been the passenger comes first and we want you to enjoy your holiday. We hate telling you we don't have enough people and need to cancel the tour.  You may be paying a little more with us but at least you are guaranteed you are going with as little as 22 passengers!

When can I expect to receive my travel documents?
Travel documents will be sent to you 14 days (2 weeks) prior to your departure date and will arrive either by mail or e-mail. If you have not received your documents within 10 days of departure, you should let us know. Travel documents will consist of a detailed itinerary, seat pass,

Are children allowed on the tour?
Yes, we run family friendly tours and welcome parents to travel with their children on our tours.

Why does the price change depending on the number of people occupying it?
Tour prices are always quoted per person and include the cost of the hotel rooms divided by the number of people in that room and include any meals, attractions, tickets and transportation as well as all taxes, service charges and fees associated with delivery of tickets. We negotiate a single rate per room and divide that cost between the people occupying it. Whenever you see a rate quoted as 2 people (Double), 3 people (Triple), 4 people (Quad) or just 1 (Single) the tour rate is ALWAYS per person based on the number of people per room. 

Why is a single traveler so much more?

The difference between a (1) single traveler and (4) people in a room reflects a cost of the individual hotel room cost.  A Single traveler pays the whole cost of the room vs. being divided by 2 or 3 or 4 people.    

Can 5 people be assigned to one room? 
Although not recommended, yes you can have 5 people to one room. This can happen when a family of 5 is traveling together.  Majority of our rooms have 2 double beds in each room.  The Quad rate will apply to the 5th person, only a max of 2 double beds to each room unless you upgrade to a suite that has more than 2 beds and is available. If you are going to travel with a 5th person we recommend you bring an air mattress with you from home as in many cases the hotel will not supply a portable bed. 

Is it safe to use my credit card when making a payment?
Yes, we use very secure credit card payment methods and process either through PayPal, Visa, or Master Card as a third party source for payment.  We will require your card number, expiry date, and 3 digit security code on the back of the card to process your payment. Once it is processed we will send you a confirmation via e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address you will see the charge on your monthly statement as Sun Ice Tours Inc. Once we have your funds in place we will send out your travel documents at the very least 2 weeks prior to departure. If you do not have the travel documents by then please contact our office to verify your address.  

Do I have to pay gratuities (tip)? And why is it so important?  
A tip is usually voluntary except in some restaurants they will automatically add as much as 18 - 20% gratuity to your bill if you have a table of 8 or more people sitting together. When going out to eat please ask your waiter what their policy is before ordering a meal. Please check your bill after so you do not double tip.

It is a very common practice today to tip waiters, taxi drivers, step-on guides, hotel staff, bell boys, tour directors and bus drivers and anyone that assists you while you travel. The hospitality industry is based on a minimum wage standard and most people in the industry rely on a TIP to subsidize their income and to be part of a tipping pool. It is also a tangible way for you to show your appreciation for a job well done. Tipping is not mandatory and not included in your tour price.  

How much should we tip?
Waiters and Waitresses: Between 15-20% of your bill. Most restaurants now will collect a tip for the cooks, bar tenders, and cleaning staff from your waitress/waiter. If you do not pay them a tip, they will be paying out of their hourly wage to pay the rest of the staff. Please be considerate when eating at a restaurant.  

Taxi Drivers: 5%-10% of the fare
Hotel Room attendants: $2.00 - $3.00 per day
Bell Man: $2.00 - $3.00 per luggage
Tour Directors and Bus Drivers:  At your discretion!

How much luggage is allowed?
As in most cases one carry on and one large suit case under the bus is acceptable. When traveling on our shopping tours we suggest you bring a smaller suitcase inside a larger suitcase if you are planning on doing some major shopping. Garbage bags that you can mark with a permanent marker so you can put your smaller bags in are recommended. If you are on a shopping tour please be mindful of the other passengers.

Can I leave my car at the departure point?
Unfortunately we have no affiliation with the departure point.  We make arrangements to depart from a local establishment that is convenient to pick up our passengers with a charter bus.   If you do leave your vehicle, you will be leaving it your own risk and may be subject to it being towed.   Especially in the winter if the parking lot has to be cleared due to heavy snowfall.  Please either have someone drop you off or take a cab.

How are we seated on the bus?  Do you assign seats?    

We assign  seats so you never have to worry about rushing or not sitting with your traveling companions. When you book a tour we always require to know who you are travelling with so we can assign the seats together on the bus an also at the event.  Seats are assigned on a first come first serve basis when you book the tour. We try to accommodate groups by seating them together on a bus.  If you are booking a tour with a companion or friends, seats will be assigned together so that you are able to socialize within your circle. In most cases single travelers and triple passengers will be seated alone, however if the bus is getting full we will pair up singles with triple passengers to accommodate the group. On tours longer than 5 days we will rotate seats so that you have an opportunity to meet the other passengers.

How often does the coach stop?

We arrange rest-stops every 2-3 hours. We recommend you get off the coach to stretch your legs, have a meal or beverage, or just get some fresh air.

Can we drink alcohol, smoke or eat on the bus?
Contrary to popular belief, it is ILLEGAL to drink on a public motorcoach. The tour director and bus driver are responsible for the well being of the passengers and there is no special provision that allows consumption of alcoholic beverages on a motorcoach. We will make a stop to purchase alcohol (if time permits) for those who are over the age of majority.

Can we bring our own snacks or something to hold me over while we travel?

We do discourage passengers from bring food across the border as some fruits and vegetables are illegal and you may be subject to a fine.

If you are bringing a light snacks or coffee on board our motorcoaches we ask it be in a tight sealed container.
For passengers with dietary needs, we do make exceptions with food. This should be discussed with our office when booking a tour. 

I have allergies what can you do for me so I do not get ill?
Passengers with allergies to food, scents, etc. must notify our office when booking so we can inform the rest of the passengers before traveling.     Eg. Allergies to peanuts!    

Can I extend my stay?
If you are on our bus tour and decide not travel back with us, let us know so we can make arrangements with the hotel and do not have to account for you on the bus ride home. Be advised that we encourage you to come back with us as Canada Customs will question you as to why you did not come back on the tour and you may be subject to scrutiny from them.


When do I get my tickets to the event I purchased? 
We keep paper tickets in our account and then hand them out to our passengers on the bus upon departure. If you are purchasing a self drive package the tickets will be delivered to you by courier and you will need to sign they were received on behalf of your party. A signature will be obtained at delivery. Or they will be waiting for you at your hotel upon arrival.  
For Concerts it has become customary that they be Electronic or  Mobile tickets and delivered to you on your hand held device such as an Iphone, Ipad or Android cell phone.  We will let you know the arrangements prior to departure.  Electronic and Mobile Tickets will be sent to you 2 weeks prior to departure along with your itinerary, boarding pass, and tour confirmation.

What are mobile tickets?
Mobile tickets are new and you require a mobile device to display your tickets to gain entry to the venue.  In most cases you will need an app like the Ticket Master App that can be downloaded from their website.   You will need to set up an account in order to use them.

Why is there another name on my e-ticket, did I get the wrong ticket? 
These are your tickets! The name that appears is the original purchaser. These tickets are transferable so they are now your tickets. In some cases we purchase tickets from private ticket brokers that we have established a long working relationship with and pay a premium price in order to procure the tickets. The price of your tour plus any upgrade includes a service charge, delivery charge, and handling fee in obtaining hard to find tickets.  All these charges are included in the price you paid for the tour.

What happens if the event or tour is postponed or re-scheduled?
Since tickets are a one-of-a-kind item and not replaceable, there are no refunds on tickets. If an event is postponed it will be rescheduled and the tour will be rescheduled to the new date. If you cannot attend the re-scheduled date unfortunately like any other ticket purchase you will forfeit the cost of the tour including all tickets costs, service fees, commissions, administration fees, etc. If the event is postponed or re-scheduled after we have departed on our tour, tickets will be honored for the rescheduled time within the time frame of our tour dates. Eg... We arrive at the event and a game is called due to rain or snow storm.  As long as the rescheduled time is within our tour time we will alter the itinerary and attend at the new time during that tour.  However if we are on tour and the event is rescheduled beyond the time we are there passengers can either attend the later event on their own with the tickets or forfeit the tickets.   Hotel rooms are paid from net proceeds of the tour cost for the contracted dates. A good example is an outdoor concert or sporting event that is re-scheduled due to weather. If an event needs to be re-scheduled due to an act of god (weather- snow, rain, disaster, pandemic,etc) the tour will return home as planned and tickets can be used on your own for the new date. 
Sun Ice Tours will not issue exchanges or refunds after a purchase has been made for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets. You should keep them in a safe place. 

If a concert, sporting event, theatrical performance is re-scheduled beyond the original date of departure, that tour will also be reschedule and depart with the new dates.   If you cannot attend the new date you have the option to either sell the package to another person, gift it to another person, or forfeit the tour as it is non refundable.  If you have purchased trip cancellation insurance or tour package insurance at time of booking and the tour is rescheduled and you do not wish or cannot attend you can make a claim thru your travel insurance provider for the full amount of the tour.

What happens if the show is cancelled all together and no re-scheduled date is offered? 
Sun Ice Tours only acts as an agent for the concerts, sporting events and theater performances.   We will only be able to refund the portion of the tour that we have control over.  

Eg. the performer passes away or is sick before a concert or a game is cancelled outright.   Although very rare if this does happen Sun Ice Tours will only be able to refund the portion of the tour it can re-coup from contracted sources less the administration fees, service charges, commissions, etc.  Sun Ice Tours is not responsible for the actions of its suppliers as we only act as a source to contract these services to make up a tour.  If the event is cancelled within 48 hours prior to departure, bus charters, hotels, etc  there will be NO REFUNDS as they have all been pre-paid and may not be the source of event cancellation.  Eg a show cancels but we are on the bus and staying at a hotel.  These components are independent of each other.  Sun Ice Tours will try and recoup what ever funds we can from its suppliers and refund you accordingly.  If we have not pre-paid them and they release us from our obligations we will REFUND you the portion we are able to recover.    If the event is cancelled after the tour has departed and performance cannot be re-scheduled no refund will be issued as charter buses and hotels will be paid from the funds we secured to organize the tour. Ticket refunds will only be refunded as directed by the promotion company handling the ticket sales. Sun Ice Tours has no control over the policies of refunds to tickets purchased through our ticket broker or third party which is normally the case.

What happens if a travel advisory is issued by the Canadian Government and they intervene recommending us not traveling to the United States ?  Eg... 911 or the border is closed by Government Intervention or they do not recommend travel due to a terrorist activity at our destination.  If a travel advisory forbids us to travel to the United States refunds will be limited to what we can recover from our suppliers (ticket suppliers) prior to departure.  This usually is just the hotel and bus portion.  Any ticket component is at the discretion of the promoter or ticket broker hosting the event.  Once the tour departs there will be no refunds on any unused portion of the tour.  We can't stress enough how important it is to purchase trip cancellation or tour package insurance that covers you for snow storms, disasters, war, terrorist activity, pandemics, or government intervention prior to travel.  We do recommend you purchase this insurance on all our tours at time of booking.  If you have one person making the reservation for your party it is their responsibility as the person making the booking to offer this insurance to you before we receive payment for the tour.    

What happens if we are caught in a snow storm or flood and we are not able to travel across the border to our tour destination?
Again this is an act of god and Sun Ice Tours is not responsible for acts beyond our control. There will be no refund issued beyond what we are able to re-coup from our contracted suppliers.  

What Insurance does Sun Ice Tours have to cover the passengers on the tour?
Sun Ice Tours only acts as agents for its suppliers and carries a limited 3rd Party Liability Insurance to cover our passengers should we unintentionally misrepresent any of the inclusions of the tour.  When we charter or purchase services from a supplier it is their responsibility to provide the services and safety to the passengers.  Eg. Hotels, Motor Coach Company, Restaurants, Ticket Broker, etc.  
They all carry their own insurance.  We are a third party to their service, Sun Ice Tours does not own any of the services provided on our tours.

If you have any questions or concerns not answered here please call our office and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.