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All our tours are based on a minimum of 22 passengers per bus. Sun Ice Tours reserve the right to cancel a tour with a total 100% refund to our clients should we fall below the 22 paid minimum amount of passengers. We require FULL PAYMENT on tours under $700.  On tours over $700, you can make a minimum of $250 per person deposit with the balance due 60 days before departure or once we reach our minimum of 22 passengers. Trip Cancellation is recommended to cover you for the FULL AMOUNT, not just the deposit. Our tours include TICKETS (that are nonrefundable), contracted hotel rooms, and bus charters thar require a minimum amount of passengers in order for the tour run.   We secure these NONREFUNDABLE tickets from our Ticket Sources in some cases 1 year in advance to form just one component of the tour package.   Our contractual agreement with our suppliers (Motor Coach and Hotel Rooms) is 30 days before departure to guarantee their services. If you need to cancel a tour and do not have insurance we will accept a replacement passenger up to 48 hours prior to departure, there will be no penalties assessed to make a name change. No Travel Vouchers or refunds are issued to passengers who cancel a tour that is active, postponed or rescheduled.   Please refer to our cancellation policy below for more details.



Travel Trip cancellation insurance is not mandatory however we strongly recommend the purchase of Trip Cancellation or Tour Package Insurance on all our tours to protect you against unforeseen circumstances that might come up before departure causing you not to be part of our group.  Before making a reservation check your credit cards benefits package to see if you have Insurance built into the card. Group departures depend on your participation for them to be guaranteed.  When you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance you not only protect yourselves but the whole group by being part of the group.   

Sun Ice Tours Inc. acts only as agents for supplying services, accommodations, tickets, transportation and other matters referred to or stated in our brochures, website or other publicized material.  We are limited and subject to the conditions imposed by any person, firm or company concerned including carriers, innkeepers, concert promoters, sports teams, and ticket brokers. Sun Ice Tours Inc., its servants, agents, and tour representatives are not responsible or liable for any mall-performance or no performance by the same. Services, timetable, itineraries, transportation, tickets, accommodations, travel or other arrangements and any other matters connected herein are subject to change without notice and are at the discretion of Sun Ice Tours Inc.

Sun Ice Tours Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, expenses, injury, theft, accident, delay, irregularity or inconvenience occasioned by or to any person or party whenever, wherever, or how-so-ever. The same shall occur and without limiting the generality of the foregoing whether the same shall arise from or be occasioned by the representatives or otherwise. In the event of a cancellation of a tour by Sun Ice Tours Inc. all payments will be refunded less any administration fees, service fees, commissions or unrecoverable expenses related to the reservation paid to our suppliers in advance. Sun Ice Tours Inc. expressly reserves the right to reject any person(s) as members of a tour at any time during the tour if the company deems his/her conduct detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony, comfort or well-being of the tour. A refund covering the unused portion of the tour will attempt to be made but without further obligation, responsibility or liability on the part of Sun Ice Tours Inc. Any responsibility or liability to Sun Ice Tours Inc. herein is expressed excluded by any matter or cause beyond its control including but without limiting the generality of the foregoing: fire, explosions, weather, acts of God, accidents, supply, riots, strikes, insurrections, emergencies, catastrophes, government intervention, pandemics, border closures or controls beyond our control. This contractual relationship shall be governed and administered by the LAWS of the PROVINCE OF MANITOBA.

Our tours are 100% nonrefundable (deposits and final payments).  We recommend everyone purchase Trip Cancellation or Tour Package Insurance within 72 hours of initial payment for the FULL TOUR AMOUNT not just the deposit!.  Trip Cancellation or Tour Package protects not only you but the whole group.  If you decide not to take out insurance be aware you are still responsible for the full payment not just the deposit.  
Our tours are made up of nonrefundable components that make up a group departure that is dependent upon each person to make a  group tour package.  Tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theatrical performances are all non-refundable.  The hotel and bus charters require a minimum amount of passengers to obtain group rates.  If we fall short of the minimum the tour is not guaranteed and the tour is canceled.   Unlike airlines or regular bus schedules that just sell seats and operate regardless of the number of people on board, group bus tours rely on you being part of the group to guarantee the departure.  When you make a reservation with a deposit you are committing to the total tour cost.   The balance payment is still due if you cancel prior to the due date. (60 days prior to departure).  Remember the deposit is just one portion of the total nonrefundable tour package.  Sun Ice Tour packages are however transferable to replacement passengers with no cost to you.  Your contractual obligation to the tour will be relinquished to your replacement passenger.   You may gift the tour package or sell the package to another passenger however all tour packages that are cancelled or replaced by another passenger must be in writing and documented.   Verbal cancellations over the phone 

are not legally binding.  Call our office and we will send you proper cancellation forms to submit to your insurance provider to sign and send back to us.

If you need to cancel a tour please download our cancellation form:   CANCELLATION FORMS

Tours that are active, postponed or rescheduled will continue when it is safe to travel for the group. 

If you need to cancel from an ACTIVE, POSTPONED or RESCHEDULED tour please contact your trip cancellation insurance provider first before canceling and inquire about their policy agreement with you.  After clarification from them, contact us by sending in a filled outLETTER OF CANCELATION and we will provide you with travel documents you require to submit to them for your refund.

You can also Visit our Travel Insurance tab on our website and download and fill in the the LETTER OF CANCELATION FORM.

Send it back to us to formally cancel your obligation to the tour with Sun Ice Tours and vice versa.

We want you to understand and cannot stress enough how important you are to be part of the group departure.  Bus tours (especially those with tickets) rely on your participation as a vital part of the group departure.  Without your reservation, it puts the group departure at risk of not operating.   This is a risk ALL bus tours take in the industry, not just Sun Ice Tours.  All Bus tours require a minimum amount of passengers for them to guarantee a departure.  All our tours also contain non-refundable tickets purchased on your behalf when you make a reservation with us to form the tour package.  If an you as an individual chooses not to purchase insurance the risk now belongs to the individual to be responsible to the group as a whole, not Sun Ice Tours or the other group passengers.  It is very important you protect your travel investment by
 purchasing trip cancellation or tour package insurance.

Visit our website under the Travel Insurance tab for more information on how to purchase Trip Cancelation.


Passports, Nexus Cards, Enhanced Drivers Licence and Treaty Cards are now mandatory for crossing into the United States. Do not leave home without one.  If you have a criminal record, please contact US Border Patrol at Pembina, N.D.  (701) 825-5800 for more information or questions about your past criminal record. If you are not allowed into the United States it will be your responsibility to arrange transportation back home. There will be no refund if you are detained or not allowed to cross. It will also be your responsibility to arrange passage back home if you are detained.  Do not bring any fruits or vegetables on our tours when crossing the border as they maybe illegal and subject to a fine.    For more information on Border Crossings visit our Border Informationtab.

Sun Ice Tours requires your Name, Address, and Birthdate for our tour groups.  Your information is sent in a manifest to U.S. Customs for pre-screening purposes 48 hours prior to departure.  Passengers are required to disembark our motorcoach to perform mandatory custom clearance procedures. Delays may occur beyond our control and Sun Ice Tours Inc. makes time provisions to allow for a reasonable border inspection process. However, if we are delayed beyond the time allotted on our itinerary, Sun Ice Tours and its directors will attempt to alter the itinerary to accommodate the delay to arrive at our destination on time.   

It is the passengers responsibility to be acquainted with relevant rules and regulations in force at the time of travel. Passengers are sometimes required to carry all of their personal belongings including luggage to and from our motorcoach for inspection by customs officers. Be prepared to declare any items of value that you are bringing into the United States or Canada. Articles are subject to duty and internal revenue tax. Visitors to Canada are allowed other exemptions please read know before you go on our website under Border Information.


Our drivers are regulated by the Department Of Transportation for the number of hours they are allowed to be on duty driving.   These are strict regulations and buses are monitored by GPS systems log.  Our itineraries allow for their allowable driving hours, however, sometimes we are on a tight schedule to arrive at an event and return to our hotel at the end of the day.   If we are delayed we will alter the itinerary to accommodate the delay and the drivers log.   In some situations, this alteration is beyond their allotted driving time and we ask for your patience regarding delays beyond anyone's control.   This includes delays at border inspection, road conditions, snowstorms, vehicle malfunctions, weather, traffic, game delays, concert delays, and any other possible situations that will cause us to miss a scheduled event.   If we are late for a game or a concert we ask for your patience regarding situations that are beyond our control.